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Design of engineered systems

Biosystems Engineering Book Introduction
The discipline of Biosystems Engineering emerged in the1990s from the traditional strongholds of Agricultural and Food Engineering with the goal of advancing engineering solutions toward creating a sustainable world with abundant food, water, and energy, while maintaining a healthy environment.
Systems Engineering Handbook, NASA
This handbook consists of six chapters: (1) an introduction, (2) a systems engineering fundamentals discussion, (3) the NASA program/project life cycles, (4) systems engineering processes to get from a concept to a design,
Project Management and Systems Engineering
The role of the project manager is to acquire equipments which will perform the required functions at an affordable price and by the time they are needed. In these days of constrained budgets, "affordable" may be defined as the least total cost to the government only with the proviso that the functions to be performed are worth that expenditure.
MFPG Engineering Design to Failure Prevention
The central theme of the Proceedings is the application of design to failure prevention, with enphasis on the techniques of design, materials of design, design validation, and the goals, purposes, and requirements of design as related to product liability.
Engineering Design, Complexity Metrics
To manage and improve engineering design processes in a methodical and systematic manner, an important issue that needs tackling is their analysis, interpretation and goal-oriented improvement. Although approaches for managing complex processes exist, a systematical, method-based analysis and improvement is still highly difficult. To support the systematic and holistic analysis and improvement of an engineering design process, this book presents a measurement system that makes use of complexity metrics to embody various patterns of the interplay of a process’ entities (e.g. tasks, documents, organizational units, etc.).
Artificial Intelligence Research Handbook
Those of us involved in the creation of the Handbook of Artificial Intelligence, both writers and editors, have attempted to make the concepts, methods, tools, and main results of artificial intelligence research accessible to a broad scientific and engineering audience. Currently, AI work is familiar mainly to its practicing specialists and other interested computer scientist. Yet the field is of growing interdisciplinary interest and practical importance.
Steam Power Plants Controls
Overviews controls and control systems for steam power plants. Devices and systems discussed include safety devices and interlocks, control loops, flowmeters, pressure gauges, temperature sensors, transmitters, recorders, controllers, operators, and positioners.
Compressed Air Systems Low Pressure Design Guide
Guidance for designing low pressure compressed air systems with a maximum design operating pressure of 125 psig, including piping, compressors, after coolers and separators, air receivers, and air dryers.
Air Conditioning System Design and Analysis
Introduction to air conditioning systems (frequently referred to as HVAC systems – heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems).
Improving Fan System Performance
Fans are widely used in industrial and commercial applications. From shop ventilation to material handling to boiler applications, fans are critical for process support and human health.

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