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Selection and Use of Engineering Materials

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Selection and Use of Engineering Materials

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Open: Selection and Use of Engineering Materials

There are two important principles that should apply to materials selection in engineering manufacture:
(1) materials selection should be an integral part of the design process;
(2) materials selection should be numerate.

It is therefore necessary first of all to examine the nature of the design process and the way in which it is carried out. Then it is necessary to consider how the selection of materials can be made numerate. We choose to do this by defining and describing all of the individually important properties that materials are required to have and then categorizing the useful materials in terms of these properties.

Initially, this can only be done in quite broad terms but as specific applications come to be considered it emerges that the materials engineer must possess a rather deep understanding of the frequently idiosyncratic ways in which basic properties are exhibited by individual materials, and also of the ways in which those properties are influenced by the manufacturing processes to which the material has been subjected prior to entering service.


1 Introduction 3
2 Motivation for selection 10
3 Cost basis for selection 17
4 Establishment of service requirements and failure analysis 31
5 Specifications and quality control 37
6 Static strength 45
7 Toughness 76
8 Stiffness 90
9 Fatigue 101
10 Creep and temperature resistance 120
11 Selection for corrosion resistance 145
12 Selection of materials for resistance to wear 177
13 The relationship between materials selection and materials processing 183
14 The formalization of selection procedures 213
15 Materials for airframes 227
16 Materials for ship structures 256
17 Materials for engines and power generation 267
18 Materials for automobile structures 289
19 Materials for bearings 301
20 Materials for springs 305
21 Investigative case studies 310
22 Problems 325
Index 339

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