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Helical Compression Springs Engineering and Design

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Helical Compression Springs Engineering and Design
Design and Calculation for Springs Made From Circular Section Wire and Bar

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Open: Helical Compression Springs Engineering and Design

This document lays down calculations for design of helical compression springs made from circular section wire and bar.

It applies to cold and hot coiled compression springs which ‘have working coils with uniform pitch over the working length, are loaded in the direction of the spring axis and work at ordinary room temperature. For operations at considerably higher or lower temperature, reference should be made to the spring manufacturer.

  • Before carrying out design calculations, the requirements to be met by the spring being designed should be clearly specified. Specific attention should be paid to the following considerations:
    whether the loading, as a function of time, is static or dynamic;
  • minimum number of load cycles to fracture in the case of dynamic loading;
  • operating temperature and permissible relaxation;
  • effect of transverse loads, impact loads and buckling;
  • Whether importance to be given to only one force associated deflection/loaded height or two spring forces and associated deflections/loaded heights or one spring force, the associated deflection/loaded height and spring rate; and
  • other influences, such as effect of corrosion space considerations and resonance, etc.