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Study of Stiffness, Residual Strength and Fatigue Life Relationships for Composite Laminates
J.T. Ryder
F.W. Crossman
Lockheed for NASA, Langley Research Center
578 Pages

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Study of Stiffness, Residual Strength and Fatigue Life Relationships for Composite Laminates


Qualitative and quantitative exploration of the relationship between stiffness, strength, fatigue life, residual strength, and damage of unnotched, graphite/epoxy laminates subjected to tension loading. Clarification of the mechanics of the tension loading is intended to explain previous contradictory observations and hypotheses; to develop a simple procedure to anticipate strength, fatigue life, and stiffness changes; and to provide reasons for the study of more complex cases of compression, notches, and spectrum fatigue loading. Mathematical models are developed based upon analysis of the damage states. Mathematical models were based on laminate analysis, free body type modeling or a strain energy release rate. Enough understanding of the tension loaded case is developed to allow development of a proposed, simple procedure for calculating strain to failure, stiffness, strength, data scatter, and shape of the stress-life curve for unnotched laminates subjected to tension load.


  • Introduction
  • Experimental Results
  • Analysis and Mathematical Observations
  • Computational Procedure
  • Stiffness Change and Transverse Cracks and Delaminations
  • Development of 0° Ply Failure Criteria
  • Examination of Strain-to-Failure Differences of Unidirectional and Multidirectional and Multidirectional Laminates
  • Three-Dimensional Analysis of Delamination
  • Comparison of Analytical and Experimental Results
  • Conclusions, Implications and Recommendations
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