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Area Development Planning (ADP) for Land and Buildings

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Area Development Planning (ADP) for Land and Buildings
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Open: Area Development Planning (ADP)

This document provides an introduction to the Area Development Planning (ADP) process that is commonly used in developing new project sites. The planning procedures described are a guide that can be modified to suit specific project requirements. They provide a logical process intended to lead to a successful end result.

I. Introduction
A. Land Use Planning: The Big Picture
B. Area Development Plan
C. Design Team

II. The Area Development Plan
A. Purpose
B. The Area Development Plan Process
1. Identification
a. Goals and Objectives
b. Facility and Land Area Requirements
c. Functional Relationships
d. Base Map and Data Collection
2. Evaluation
a. Area Analysis
b. Opportunities and Constraints
c. Alternative Plan Development
d. Alternative Plan Evaluation
e. Final Area Development Plan


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