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Adhesive Joints in Timber Engineering

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Adhesive Joints in Timber Engineering
Modeling and Testing of Fracture Properties
Erick Serrano
Lund University
Department of Mechanics and Materials
193 pages

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Open: Adhesive Joints in Timber Engineering

Wood adhesive joints play an important role in modern timber engineering In order to add value to the raw material several highly engineered woodbased products have been developed Often these involve the use of adhesive joints Typical examples of such reconstituted materials are glued laminated timber (glulam) and laminated veneer lumber(LVL). In each of these adhesive joints are used both for lengthwise splicing and for interlaminar bonding Another example of an adhesive joint application in timber engineering is that of glued in rods which allow stiff and strong beam to column connections or column foundations to be obtained.


  • Introduction and Overview
  • Introduction
  • Adhesive Joints in Timber Engineering
  • Background
  • Organization of the Thesis
  • Overview of Present Study
  • Aim Scope and Original Features
  • Strategy and Methods
  • Results and Discussion

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Paper VII - "A Damage-plasticity Modeling Approach for Wood Adhesive Bonds".

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