DC Shunt Wound Motor Application and Operation

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DC Shunt Wound Motor Application and Operation

Application of DC Shunt Wound Electric Motor:

The characteristics of a DC shunt wound motor give it very good speed regulation, and it is classified as a constant speed motor, even though the speed does slightly decrease as load is increased. Shunt-wound motors are used in industrial and automotive applications where precise control of speed and torque are required.

Typical Shunt Wound DC Motor speed-torque relationship is shown below.

A shunt-wound DC motor has a decreasing torque when speed increases. The decreasing torque vs speed is caused by the armature resistance voltage drop and armature reaction. At a value of speed near 2.5 times the rated speed, armature reaction becomes excessive, causing a rapid decrease in field flux, and a rapid decline in torque until a stall condition is reached.

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